Saturday, 20 February 2010

This week

Has been a busy no particular order we have done lots of creating , indulged in a spot of semi naked chess ( who doesn't love that?) eaten muchos pancakes with our favourite toppings ( mines Marmite) attempted some crochet ( they weren't supposed to be flowers they were supposed to be a rectangle) eaten some snowflakes, taken Jamie to A and E to have his forehead glued together ( yes really) Harry potter eat your heart out and last but definately not least we bought A CAMPERVAN !!

I am a little bit excited about that last one , can you tell ! The pics don't really do it justice but i'm afraid we have been too busy driving it to photograph it!


  1. I bet you already have a list of places you want to camp at when the summer comes around:)I hope you guys have lots of fun exploring it the van!

  2. Wow to the campervan - very jealous! we keep thinking about replacing our car with one - cant decide.... what make is it?

    Lucy x

  3. Its a toyota hiace. The top pops up and pushes out so we can fit three beds in the top bit, so you see we really HAD to buy it!