Friday, 12 February 2010

How very rubbish of me!

I'm getting a bit slack at updating the old blog at the minute, i regularly pop on and catch up on other peoples but then don't get round to doing my own !! And i haven't even uploaded any pics either , tut tut. I've taken some nice ones too of the snow .......the snow that happened for all of about half an hour but has actually stuck around ( on one side of the road at least!)

Seeing as i've neglected you and left you pictureless i'll share some news instead.

I now have a job! Haven't started yet and not actually sure when i will , or actually what exactly i'm doing , or what hours i'll be working.....its all sounding a little vague isn't it ...but i'm actually looking forward to it. I will be an environmental sessional worker. So sort of called upon when there is a project my skills are required for ( ooh i sound posh now don't i !) and if i am available i accept and go and do it. Think its going to be mainly working with children and young people within the community doing environmental work, veg planting, wildlife saving, canal clearing fun!

More work related news of a different kind. Kirstie and H who run have asked me to become more involved with the business and become a third member. Which i have accepted and am VERY excited about . I already had work on the website but now i'm a bit more involved with, advertising, planning, blogging etc ( check out the trash blog on my side bar )

We're also looking at getting a campervan...we have been looking to get one for the past about five years now so now we are hoping to make it a reality, hopefully in time for the spring , summer festivals.

On the whole things are going well at the minute ( when the kids aren't arguing amongst themselves) so all i need to work on now is remaining CALM AT ALL TIMES! And not sweating the small stuff as they say

repeat after me

I am an oasis of calm
my children love and respect each other
we are kind to each other
and we definately don't ever shout 'that's not fair!! 'at our mummy and daddy! .....oh dear it was going so well wasn't it!


  1. Oh, we have a campervan :-), great fun. What sort are you after?

  2. I love the mantra......although it wouldn't be too successful here either at the moment!