Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rainbow makes

Or otherwise known as ' things that can be made from a straight piece of knitting' I have yet to follow a pattern or deviate from the ONE stitch i am confident in doing but i feel there are many more 'things that can be made from a straight piece of knitting' that i haven't fully exhausted yet before i branch out into patterns! This is a bag i made from some wool my Mum got me . I thought it was going to be REALLY awkward to knit with , but it surprisingly wasn't too bad.
I lined it with some material i got from fabric rehab and then plaited some cord i had for a strap.

' Oh Mummy! I like your bag can you made me one too! '


  1. oooh, I saw some wool the other day like what you've used for the bag and really liked it! Might have to have a go knitting with it now :-) And I'm also a big fan of making things out of straight pieces of knitting LOL

  2. I love rainbowy stuff. The bag is fab.

    Sounds like you and I are at the same stage with our knitting only you seem to have been a bit more creative! My wrist warmers are still on the needles - your's look fab.


  3. wow the bag looks FAB, clever you :)
    sue xx