Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Is it Christmas yet?

I've been thinking about Christmas stuff since...oooh at least August. And have been gleefully mentioning Christmassy items since the beginning of October. It seems however that lots of people would rather not be reminded about it until at least Halloween is over- Well it is now!!!
I'm really looking forward to Christmas, we will hopefully be in the new house by then and i have Plans, plans, PLANS!
So this is what i'm aiming for - although i shall also be making a lot of it myself ( can't get much more local than me ;)  ) I'd love to do another advent tree - and make the decs to go on it with the kids again ( Although that really was the end of our Rosemary tree /bush the year i decided to bring it indoors and hang stuff from it for the rest of the month.) 

We've made Christmas cards for the past few years now ( although latterly they have been somewhat of a rushed affair) so this year i'd like to do some more lino prints and see how those turn out. Wrapping paper takes some planning as well- Its all well and good doing the odd sheet but with 4 children we require slightly more. Although i know of few of my friends who use playsilks hmmmm, we only have 2 of those. 

In other exciting news someone has had a birthday!
Millie is now 4!!!!

She had such a lovely day and was so happy and smiley to be 4. Her cousins came up to see her and we had a lovely afternoon in the park, feeding ducks
I can't believe how quickly time is going. Millie is 4 Maya is 14 my little lovelies are turning into massive lovelies. 

As usual a few catch up pics are probably in order ( and who doesn't love a good nose through pics right?! ) 

We all went out for a meal for my Mum's birthday to a restaurant. It was really nice, the kids all enjoyed it too- especially ordering their own food.

I finished my little scalloped shrug - it is so soft and fluid, its really comfy to wear. 

This ridiculous pair decided on a few selfies to while away the time whilst waiting for food in Ikea. Love Sonny's face here it cracks me up!

Here i am!! Or rather here are Millie's toes featured in the gift guide of this months Inside Crochet. Exciting stuff.

Halloween and what was probably our last ever party at this house - Its a bit sad, we've been here for 11 years now, but we're not moving far and i'm rather looking forward to the next chapter .

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