Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Normal service will resume shortly!

We've had a super busy couple of months here and i have been a bit of a blogging slacker, this will all change as of now, and Tuesdays shall be known as blog day!
We have sold our house and are in the process of trying to find another, i think i definitely underestimated how stressful this was going to be! I knew the packing would be bad, and finding all those long forgotten pieces of paper you require for the mortgage, but surely choosing the house is the easy bit?! Wrong- it isn't. Especially not if you apparently are really bloody fussy!And if you have been spoilt by having the biggest garden known to man.
The search continues.....

In more sad news Blackberry the last remaining cheeky hen has been taken by a fox. Waaaah! Much bad Mummy guilt. She had somehow got locked out of her coop and we hadn't noticed. Poor Blackberry. The children are all a bit sad ( apart from Maya who  really thought Blackberry had it in for her) although Millie was quite excited at the thought of now getting a new pet ( Can i have a pony?!! )

The first time in 5 years that we've not owned any chickens! As soon as we are moved i'd love to get some more.

I've been hooking and knitting away ( interspersed with a spot of dyeing ) although a lot of it has seemed to be 'items for me' *blush* surely there is only so many woolie items a person can own.
As soon as i have finished my current WIP's ( plural) i shall get back to stocking up the shop! Although i have started to have another go at spinning ( with a drop spindle ) and its proving rather addictive ( even if i'm not entirely sure i am doing it right??)

 I think its a bit thick really, but hey ho, onwards and upwards. Here are a few more of my current projects .

In my defense at least one of the 'Lost Souls' is destined for the shop.

 Not this one though, this ones all MINE!!!!
And finally a little selection of what we've been up to since June :) 
 Holidays and weddings

 a good helping of yarn 

This is Martin's little brother he is starring in The Curious Incident of the dog in the nighttime in the west end. We took the eldest two to see him ( bit proud - hence embarrassing photo! )
 And as always a bit of running around with sticks outdoors and taking pics of cool fungi! 

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