Monday, 9 June 2014


My weekend has mostly been a scramble of decorating, sewing, crochet, much much tidying up and rather a lot of football. I haven't taken any pictures of the decorating because a) who wants to see pics of decorating? b) painting over a  white wall with more white paint is incredibly frustrating! We are going to be moving house but ours needs a bit of TLC before we put it on the market, hence a large amount of 'touching bits up' filling holes and generally de cluttering ( that last one could take a while, I'm quite the collector of clutter!)

I also got chance to finish my bag
 and do some more work on my rainbow heirloom blanket ....
Saturday we had really stormy weather and spent most of the day inside snuggling and watching films..actually the kids went swimming with Martin and shopping and to the park and I did the decorating but *some* of it was spent snuggling under blankets.
the sunset was beautiful though *almost worth the torrential rain*
Sunday we took it in turns to take Jamie to various football matches he was playing in. Some people ran around the garden in their pants, and some people lounged in the sun, neither of which were me!

Right need to get on now, my 'to do' list is double sided and I've only managed 3 things so far!  xxxx

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