Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holiday part two..

So here we have part two of our hols and what a sight to greet you after being delayed for over 10 hours at the airport..

ok so all is forgiven.

Not all views are quite as magnificent ( oh dear!)
The kids had a go at snorkelling ...and they were so good at it. Sonny in particular was a natural, he must get that from Martin , i just can't do it!! I feel like i'm breathing too fast and i panic that water might go in the end of my snorkel.

The beach was full of beautiful stones , that were collected by the cupful( we didn't have buckets!) and this rather nice one was made into a necklace that was promptly claimed by Sonny.

A teeny tiny gecko , have i ever mentioned that someone rather likes lizards ? Like the smallest dinosaur ever!

We really had a lovely time , it was so beautiful ( Corfu) and relaxing but i found it SOOO HOT! my favourite spot was in the shade under a tree. heaven.

Martin had a go at paragliding, much to Maya's horror, and returned in one piece declaring it an amazing experience.

Its such a shame that its such a long way a way. I really dislike flying, physically and ethically , at least we have some lovely memories and a pic or two to remind us of it even if we don't ever go again.


  1. Wow it looks like a gorgeous island, you look fab pregnant - all bump at the front and nothing anywhere else, I always get bigger on my hips and bum too :-( Loving the little gecko, so cute - they have lovely little characters don't they.

  2. Gorgeous photos and you look beautiful xxx

  3. You look beautiful on the beach with your bump!! What gorgeous photographs, it looks a beautiful place. You all look so happy and relaxed. xx

  4. Wow honey, looks amazing! Very jealous!

  5. Looks like a lovely holiday and you're looking beautifully pregnant :) xxx

  6. What a beautiful place, and how lovely you look! :) Great to see hoe you are doing with your dreads now. They really suit you. I still want some! lol x

  7. Ah Thanks ladies, feel all gooey now !!