Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday selection

Desperate for a new headband to cover up my messy roots i decided to knit my from an assortment of wool in my stash. I'm really pleased with the result evn if it is a teensy weensy bit small, sure it'll stretch. Some more makes for Trash a little sock monkey ( strictly speaking he's a tights monkey) and some rather glittery candle holders. We've been crafting away like mad at the minute to try and get things ready for the festival we're going to in 11 days, oooh can't WAIT!

Some beautiful chammomile growing on my windowsill and some berries ( possibly blackcurrants maybe redcurrants) growing in my garden.

On Saturday we went to a nearby village to see the well dressing going on there. They were so beautiful and colourful.

Today we've been doing some tie dying, its been ages since i did any and i've been rather inspired by all the stuff H ( fellow Trash girly ) has been doing at the minute . Maya was intrigued and eager to help , tying up the little babygrows i'd dug out. We did green first and then blue. it worked really nicely but i wished i'd used a couple of sachets to get a deeper colour, although the pillowcases we did turned out really well. Tie dye project number two will be a ring sling in purple i think !

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  1. Wow, I LOVE your headband and what a gorgeous feast of fab pic's :)
    I really must have a go at tye dying.
    hope your feeling well and blooming xx